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Mission – The Arbor’s mission is to educate, empower, and build hope for children with special needs and their families. Our vision is to provide every special needs child a place to learn.


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The Arbor School was founded in 1988 with a unique vision and purpose in mind – to offer quality education to children with special needs no matter how severe their disability. As a result, The Arbor School has offered the gift of hope to parents of children with special needs in the Greater Houston area as a place to turn for answers and resources in providing the best possible care and developmental education for special needs children from infancy through age 12.

Our founder, Suzanne Cuthbertson, realized there was a great need for children ages 3 months to age three with special needs to receive intensive early intervention services, but also recognized that those services can often be the most difficult for families to obtain. To address this need, The Arbor was created and has since grown. What started as a one room school for infants up to children age three, is now a robust program with seven different classes designed to meet the needs of children through age 12.

At The Arbor, in keeping with our founder’s mission, we remain committed to accepting children in infancy, including those who have severe, multiple disabilities. Our aim, wherever possible, is to begin early and intensively so as to optimize the building of key skills that become a foundation for further learning and development.

trees-aboutSome of the children at The Arbor will grow up to lead very independent lives – others will not. But The Arbor holds strong to the belief that each child has the capacity to develop and learn to the best of his or her abilities. What matters most are the developmental results that The Arbor School can achieve with the children in our care.

Learn more about The Arbor’s history and mission here.

“Having searched and searched for answers and/or a diagnosis with no success, we didn’t know what the future would hold for our son. What we learned after coming to The Arbor is that the diagnosis is of little importance, what really matters is that he is full of potential and that there is so much hope for his future.”

– Nathan and Kristen Stedham