the arbor program
The Arbor’s program is based on the belief that all children have an extraordinary capacity to learn and will realize their greatest potential in a structured, purposeful learning environment and uses an individualized education plan that:

• Emphasizes the mastery of skills and knowledge appropriate to each child’s capability;

• Works from research-based curriculums and methodologies;

• Is family-centered, supporting the family in its efforts to meet their child’s developmental challenges;

• Utilizes an activity-based approach to intervention by embedding each child’s goals and objectives within routine, planned, or child-initiated activities that are motivating and developmentally appropriate;

• Incorporates methods and strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis;

• Involves cross-disciplinary participation. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available on campus, combining educational and therapeutic approaches in meeting children’s individual goals and objectives;

• Maintains a low student/teacher ratio of approximately 2:1 or 1:1, necessary for maximum achievement;

• Integrates the use of assistive communication technology in order to achieve maximum results.

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“The Arbor has been our lifesaver. The teachers know how exactly to work with Avery to get her to that next developmental goal. But what touches me most is that they celebrate her for who she is and not what she lacks.”

– Cassie McClung