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The Arbor’s program is based on the belief that all children have an extraordinary capacity to learn and will realize their greatest potential in a structured, purposeful environment. See how our unique approach to education makes us the most comprehensive special needs education program in the Houston area.

What makes The Arbor unique is our commitment to accepting students as young as 6 weeks through 18 years old, regardless of their diagnosis or lack thereof. As such, our students represent a wide range of cognitive and physical delays.


Aidan DeFrates

9 years old

I can’t say no to a good pancake & Elmo is my best buddy! I’m working on sorting things by sizes big and small.

Price Stedham

11 years old

I love riding the ship channel ferry with my grandpa! And I can count 10 objects in a row!

Austen Alvarez

11 years old

I’ve been at The Arbor since I was 6 months old and now I’m learning to read!

Henry Pollock

5 years old

I’m identifying common objects through eye gaze and I just love life!


  • Student-teacher ratios never exceed 2:1, with some classrooms accommodating students with a 3:2 ratio
  • A 100% individualized curriculum with goals to meet each student’s needs
  • Activity-based approach to intervention by attaching objectives to routine activities
  • A whole-child learning approach that includes educational and therapeutic goals in the areas of cognitive communication and fine and gross motor skills
  • Passionate educators who invest in the students and partner with their entire family to help every child thrive
“The Arbor teachers, therapists, and administrators work tirelessly to achieve the kind of everyday miracles upon which these kids depend to continue learning, growing, and striving toward their goals.  They skillfully and selflessly give sorely needed education and ability to children on whom so many other doors have closed.”
Adam and Katelin Pollock


  • Occupational therapists give group lessons twice per week and help teachers integrate new practices into the classroom
  • A music therapist comes weekly to work with students
  • A developmental communications therapist integrates assistive communication devices and innovative technology into classrooms
  • All staff is exceptionally trained with lead teachers holding a specialization in education or psychology
  • All classrooms incorporate expert methods and strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis
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